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Simple.  Rise love helping people.  We won’t paint your house for you, but we will use our skills to make your business more rewarding and your financial matters easier to keep on top of.  We complete our work on time, at a price that will not surprise you, and with attention to detail that you deserve. And our team respond quickly to your enquiries.

Chartered Accountants are members of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand.  As a member we are required to adhere to certain standards, and to undergo regular reviews.  You are also able to lay a complaint with Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand if our performance has been remiss, but we do ask that you raise this with us first.

Anyone who owns a business or has income from investments and who wants to succeed.  Chartered Accountants are skilled not only in minimising your tax obligations, but also in ensuring that your assets are protected, in knowing the systems that can make your business more efficient, and in knowing what is happening in the economy.

Speak with an accountant before you start business.  An accountant has a good grasp of the different structures you can use to own the business through, and advise on whether you need to be registered for GST or as an employer, and also let you know what needs to be put aside for tax.

We work across a number of accounting software platforms, but have a definite preference for Xero.  There are many add-on apps that integrate with Xero, which reduce duplication and make business easy.

Yes.  We always want to meet with potential new clients, so that we can establish whether we are a good fit with you, and likewise you with us.  And the bonus for you is that you will walk out with knowledge, whether you appoint us as your accountants or not.

This is a two way street.  The sooner you have the information required in to us, the sooner we will complete it.  During the busy period it may be up to 6 weeks, and in the quieter times this can be completed within a week.  If there is an urgency for completed financial statements, let us know, and we will prioritise your work.

We typically provide you with a fixed price or a price range before we commence work, and require a 50% deposit before work is commenced.

We offer a bookkeeping service, where we keep your accounting system up to date, and do payroll and GST.  We also form companies and trusts, and provide a trustee service.

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