Do you loathe paper? We do, and we have found a solution that we like, and that many of our clients use.

I used to dread payday. Not the payday where I was paying staff, but the payday when I was paying suppliers.

The day would come around when I couldn’t put off payments any longer. I would go on the hunt for invoices and statements. These would be hiding all over the place. In emails, or buried somewhere on the desk. I somehow had to get these all in one  place, printed out, and neatly filed in a folder. Then I would pay them. Then I would need to ensure that my accounting system would have a record of them. And then these invoices would sit in binders for 7 long years.  Lots of time spent on lots of stuff, with a legacy that provided reminders of all the drudge work undertaken.

And then I found ReceiptBank. This is an online app, which integrates with online accounting software, such as Xero. It grabs my invoice, digitises it, codes it, and pushes it into the accounting system. No more printing and filing, and when payday comes, it takes me 5 minutes to process payments.

We have many clients using this app. If you are interested, check out the short video below. Costs start at $25 plus GST per month.