We awoke this morning to the news that Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, has resigned. Mugabe apparently believed that he would retain power until he relinquished it, but discovered   that the support of the armed forces, of which he was the Commander in Chief, had been withdrawn and he had no means to retain his power. Power requires support to exist.

And so it is with business. A business without customers is not in business for long. If a business relies on staff other than the owner, and the staff all leave, that business has a dim future. Politicians without voter support have no platform, teachers without students don’t teach, and church leaders without a following are not leaders. Our positions of power are dependent on the power given to us by those around us.

Here at Rise, we are facing our own challenge, and it is a good one. Our business has grown significantly in the last year, thanks to you, and we are needing to engage another bookkeeper, someone with great aptitude and attitude. We are uber flexible as to who this person may be. It could be an experienced person, or a person with no experience. We are open to a full-time or part-time position. We will provide training. Our systems are Xero based, and easy to use. If you know of someone who is interested, please let them know. And if you could share this on Facebook or Twitter, we will think you even more awesome than before.